renu sharma

Artist. Idealist. Dreamer.

“Every painter paints himself.” This is a saying carried on from renaissance, a time period where some of the best art of all time came from. This website reflects my personal journey and inspirations through the years in the mediums of charcoal, watercolors, acrylics, canvas, paper, digital composites and photography.

I was born in Delhi, India and have lived the majority of my life here since. Even as a child, I was usually lost in my little imaginary world, so it was always filled with pencils and colors. I remember people asking me what I wanted to be when I grew up, the answer was almost always ‘artist’ (fashion designer, model, journalist at other times, for those who are curious). Reaching adulthood came with distractions away from art. I found my way back to it once I discovered the world of art on the internet. The exposure to all the extraordinary art out there urged me to pick up pencils and paper again. That is when began my transformative journey. I taught myself how to draw, paint and work in Photoshop in the following years.

In 2011, I became a full time professional artist and started doing commercial and commissioned work. Since then, I have worked with over a dozen of authors and countless book covers. I have always felt inspired by the fantasy/sci-fi/para-normal genre for it’s dreamlike quality. Most of my book cover work is in these genres.

My work involves themes of consciousness, self-relection, one-ness, depression, melancholy and seeing beauty in the imperfect. A lot of my work includes images of space for the reason that it reminds me of just how vast the universe is and just how irrelevant our little bubbles are on a cosmic level. But also, at the same time, because we are just as much universe as the sun or the planets, just how important and relevant our existence is. It also reminds me of how we are atomically connected to everything in the universe. I strive to promote a message of love, compassion and awareness through my work. A lot of my older work and some new is inspired by the Victorian Gothic era. Music is a major contributor to bringing imagery to my mind which either ends up on a paper, canvas or computer screen.

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